Dance for Connection


Dance for Connection

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Bringing joy, vitality and a sense of interconnection to older adults and people with dementia through playful, expressive movement and dance via direct programming and training caregivers.


The Octaband® is a playful, interactive group tool which promotes a sense of belonging and connection through movement. The legs provide the opportunity to pull, representing a separate and autonomous self, while remaining linked to the group. The 5 1/2″ hem at the end of each leg provides a loop which can go over a person’s wrist, allowing those with limited grasping ability to participate.

The Dance of Interaction: An Embodied Approach to Nonverbal Communication Training for Caregivers of People with Dementia

This is a train-the-trainer manual specifically designed for dance/movement therapists, dance teachers, psychologically oriented dancers, body-mind practitioners, and care providers with significant experience in both embodied practices and dementia to train caregivers in nonverbal communication. After participating in the training, trainers can use this manual to train others. Trainers may use the structures presented verbatim or adapt sequences and scripts to best suit the needs of trainers and trainees.












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