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"I have been using [the Octaband] a lot currently at my internship site. The individuals love it! It's so great because we have adults with a number of different abilities, so it helps us all stay connected. For example, one gentleman is in a wheelchair, and another likes to pace back and forth, and both of them can stay connected to our dance group with the Octaband. It's so amazing to see!"

- Cara Spilsbury, dance/movement therapy student

"During last week’s group, one of the group members stood under the circle part of the Octaband while music was playing and we gently bounced the band on his head and there was a whole song and the other members took turns to mirror. This was such a great way to see these members self regulate and have fun. The others laughed with joy. Thank you for this creation."

- Kim M. Robles dance/movement therapist


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"I'm a retired music therapist.  I used the Octaband in my classes for many years after purchasing it for my school at a music therapy conference.  I used it for group dance activities and my students loved it. It kept them engaged but didn't require physical contact.  I am now doing part time work privately and at a local music studio with young children so decided I needed to have my own.  I will certainly share photos and stories as I am able.  Thank you!"

- Beth McLaughlin, MSE, MT-BC

"Whenever I have someone who is not participating and I bring out the Octaband, a shift happens and there are smiles all around. I never teach a class without having it as my most important resource."

- Lynne Bauer


Hi Donna ...

I am a dance teacher who specialises in working with people with disabilities on the NSW Central Coast. I have a small business called Social Shindig Services and I also work for Perform-Ability. I purchased your Octaband last year & have been meaning to email & send pictures but as a working mum with two kids under 6, time just keeps getting away from me. But I'm here now, so inspired by your newsletter.

The attached pictures are from my Fun, Fit, Dance! program on a Saturday. It's a 3 hour class which incorporates dance and fitness. My clients predominantly have intellectual disabilities but there are a few with physical disabilities too. Everyone LOVES the Octaband! We do a warm-up to Octopus' Garden and then play team bonding games with bean bags & beach balls. A few clients with Asperger's love to lie under the band & have it bounce above them. I have also started choreographing a routine to Sia's "Elastic Heart" with a group and it's looking like it might be a performance piece at the end of the year. I have also brought it out at my classes for kids with disabilities, as well as for my own kids & their friends, and EVERYONE loves it!! It's especially popular for people who think they can't dance. It's a wonderful piece of inclusive equipment. 

I thought you would also love to know that at the end of each term, my Fun, Fit, Dance group walks around to our local nursing home, Bluewave Living and we perform for their beautiful residents with dementia. It is an amazing experience for us as performers and the audience. Many of the residents come alive when they see the passion and enthusiasm from our group, and it gives everyone a wonderful sense of community and belonging. You can see pictures of this on our Facebook page.

Anyway, thank you for creating the amazing Octaband, I love your newsletters, I love learning how other people use the Octaband, and I love being inspired and continually improving how we as dance teachers can positively impact people's lives through dance and movement."

Lauren Schutte