"Since I have started taking your classes, I feel as though I am 30 years younger.”
- Paco, a resident

FV 015_2.JPG

Dance Programs

“Everyone enjoyed your program yesterday. All of the residents were engaged the entire time and not one person fell asleep! I can't wait to enjoy your fun upbeat program again! I already recommended you to one of the other Program Directors.”
- Sarah Turcotte, Life Enrichment Coordinator, Epoch by Bridges

“Donna has the ability of motivating even the most sedate residents to move their bodies in whatever way they are individually capable.”
- Fran Beaumont, daughter of resident

“I was constantly amazed and humbled by the responses that Donna evoked from these elders. Her guidance, skilled facilitation and gentleness created an environment of safety, which allowed for full expression of emotions. Donna is equally skilled whether working with residents with minimal cognitive impairments or with advanced dementia. She is able to tap into the inner dignity and wholeness of her clients, and exudes a spirit of respect and affirmation to which people of all ages and abilities respond. Donna is a woman of integrity, deep compassion, and humor who uses her whole self to enhance the growth of others.  She is a rare healing gift. Your program engages the folks with dementia, giving them moments of belonging and joy. Your group is one of the few places where the cognitively intact folks interact non-judgmentally with the more confused folks, and that is so good for the community.” - Carol Hani, Social Worker

“I wanted to let you know how much we appreciate the light and love you bring to my mother.” - Karen Goodwin

“You made my mom's life more vibrant at a time when she was so dependent and forced to adapt to functioning as a shadow of her previous self.  Thanks for supporting her so deeply and lovingly.  Most of all, thanks for really seeing her and respecting her integrity.”
- Beth Brooks

“There was a wonderful flow of energy between you and the residents and between the residents themselves that seemed to infuse the participants with joy.”
- Jennifer Davis, Director, Marketing Communications

“The residents of Viviendas loved your class! Thank you for making it culturally sensitive. They wish you can come back.. Gracias. Thank you!” - Carmen Amadar

“We got FABULOUS reviews- they loved the program!!” - Francine Godfrey

FV 068_3.jpg

Memory Cafe

“Your [facilitation of the Memory Café] was amazing. The way you incorporated all the best elements of dance, self, spirituality, joy, connection, and hope was such a joy in which to participate. An amazing morning for me and those who are struggling with the challenges of caregiving and dementia. Thank you!”
- Marjie Sokoll, Director of JF&CS  Jewish Healing Connections

"One of the things that was remarkable to me was seeing people transform before my eyes when we started moving--very beautiful.”
- Joan

“Two of our guests came up to me at the end of the café and said, ‘That was the BEST one ever!’”
- Beth Soltzberg

NVC (1).jpg


“Your dedication, knowledge, and gentle but firm encouragement and sharing of experiences has allowed me to scale cliffs I never thought possible!” - Bethany Kranz

“I have really enjoyed having you as my supervisor, you have brought so much support, encouragement, and mentorship, as well as provided a safe place that I could turn to every other week. Thank you very much, for everything!” - Danielle O’Brien

"It has been my great pleasure having Donna guide and support me as I grow as a therapist. Donna is creative, wise, knowledgeable, patient, supportive, compassionate and dependable. I have grown immensely under her tutelage." - Kimberly Schmidt Bevans



“Your presentation was wonderful.  It was the spirit, the love, and the joy that spread from every cell in your body to us that was so inspiring.” - Lillian Weisberg

"I witnessed first hand Donna's passion and inspiring journey.... She has a heart of gold and a wonderful sense of humor, but those are second to her devotion to make a difference in the world." - Debi Cost

“The dancers who attended your workshop left inspired and full of ideas. They are continuing to talk about it all week! Thank you for sharing your work with them!”
- Amanda Whitworth, Dance Director at PSU

“Loved the presenter's hands-on method of teaching! Everything from the music to the exercises are perfect ideas to bring back to activity directors in our company.”

”Donna presented a creative inservice within the MT Department, ‘Choreography of a Dance/Movement Therapy Department: Work in Progress.’ This piece of work was very reflective of the gifts and talents Donna brings to the department. She often brings home to us in a dramatic way, the power of our movement and the love of the dance. She helps us recognize how deeply the body can experience and, therefore, teach us. Sometimes Donna’s contribution is to remind us of why we entered this field and re-kindle our love of the work.” - Marcia Binder

“From what I heard from people during the conference, attendees loved your session!”, Joan Devine, Director of Education, Pioneer Network

Loved the ideas I got from it and the speaker was excellent!

Love, love, loved it!  I am so excited to encourage dance movement therapy in our community and Donna's passion and expertise enabled me to go home well armed to advocate for this valuable service.

She’s amazing! Please have her back!

"It was the best most applicable and meaningful workshop I've been to in years!  The presenter was just fabulous! Very inspiring and useful!"

"Phenomenal! I learned a lot!"

"Reinforced my beliefs and training while providing new ideas and strategies."

"I will bring this joy back to my program;." 

"I felt wonderful afterwards and can’t wait to share with staff and residents."

" I’m leaving with a sense that I can lead a group and be successful."

"One of the best workshops ever!"

"I call her the Alzheimer's Buddha" ~ Daphne Johnston, Respite Ministry 

"The more I learn about self-expression through the arts the greater my appreciation grows for what you do and why it is so important." - Sean Caulfield, Dementia Advisor, Alzheimer Scotland

“Wonderfully presented and refreshing”

“Excellent. Presenter put people at ease so people were comfortable with one another.”

“This was a wonderful presentation - to participate in and learn from. The instructor was genuine and uplifting.”

“Wonderful - provocative, exhilarating. Excellent presentation.”

“Donna insightfully fashioned the workshop to those attending.”

“This workshop was wonderful! Everyone should experience this kind of modality when exploring spirituality. Self/Spirit at the basic level - the body.”

“Total participation bonded us even in the brief session.”

FV 010_2.jpg


“I'm always glad to recommend your inspiring and knowledgeable work.”
- David Leventhal, Program Director, Dance for PD®

“Thank you so much for an incredibly uplifting afternoon. Your session was terrific!  I loved moving with so many inspiring ideas - your words, your props, your music, your embracing of all.”
- Naomi Goldberg Haas, Artistic Director, Dances For A Variable Population

“I loved your training! . . . My style of teaching has evolved. I have integrated the techniques that you taught us at the training.  I am getting some great results, and feel I can really connect with many of the 20 residents. I found the training profound and wonderful.”
- Susanne Liebich, Dancing Wellness ™, Healing Motion For Life

Inservice Trainings

“I’ve been hearing rave reviews all day from your time here!”
- Joyce Haglund, Executive Director, Eventide

"I just have to tell you. The last 3 months, the cna's have been raving about your training. They've been asking me, isn't there something we can do to have this for ourselves once a week or once a month?" - Pat Bonner, Clinical Education Specialist

Nonverbal communication training

"Donna's genuine “I-Thou” position was expressed in everything she did throughout the course: verbal; nonverbal, with our class and with the movement group of elders. Watching her work is reminiscent of watching Trudi Schoop because of her deep respect for each individual and her spontaneity."