Improving Quality of Life for People with Dementia through Dance/Movement Therapy

Written by Donna Newman-Bluestein

“How can dance and movement re-ignite the soul of a person with dementia? It’s all in the movement. Through case vignettes and broad expertise, dance/movement therapist, Donna Newman-Bluestein, illustrates the power of non-verbal communication for people who have dementia through dance/movement therapy. “

Embodiment and Dementia - Dance Movement Therapists Respond

By Richard Coaten and Donna Newman-Bluestein

“The person living with dementia recognises that they are being met by others on an embodied level. Having their embodied state met and understood helps transform an otherwise potentially challenging situation into a life- enhancing one. DMPs such as Coaten and Newman-Bluestein of Dance for Connection train caregivers in such skills.”