Octaband Links®

Octaband Links®

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Octaband Links®  are individual stretch bands with hems on each end, with multiple uses:

  • perfect for resistance exercises for people with latex allergies or grasping difficulties

  • used for partner stretching for 2 people within close proximity

  • used for partner stretching for people sitting more than 36” apart by looping Links together 

  • used as a circular group stretch band of varying sizes by looping Links together, with both ends to be held by group leader

  • used as extenders for the legs of the Octaband® for circles larger than the Octaband® permits.

Octaband Links® come in packages of 4 or 8.

Made of 80% nylon and 20% spandex, 100% latex free.

Washable in cold water, line dry.

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